Guangrui Li 李光睿

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student at ReLER Lab, Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, University of Technology Sydney, under the supervision of Prof. Yi Yang. During my Ph.D. study, I am fortunate to be sequentially mentored by Prof. Yunchao Wei, and Dr. Guoliang Kang.

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[July 2024] One paper accepted by ECCV2024.

[Feb. 2024] One paper accepted by CVPR2024.

[Sep. 2023] Finished Sydney Marathon in 04:22:10.

[Aug. 2023] Finished the Iconic City2Surf in 01:18:25.

[June 2023] Deliver PhD oral presentation (Candidate Assessment).

[Mar. 2023] Awarded Google Gift Fund.

[Mar. 2023] One paper accepted by CVPR2023.

[Jan. 2023] One paper accepted by ICLR2023.

[Sep. 2022] Finished Sydney Half Marathon in 01:53:49.

[Mar. 2021] Two papers accepted by CVPR2021.

[June 2020] One paper accepted by ECCV2020.

[Sep. 2019] Finished Sydney Marathon in 04:09:24.

Research Interests

Generalization of vision structures, including rigid structures (2D, 3D scenes), and non-rigid structures (pose estimation).

Generalization to novel semantic spaces (Open-world Learning).

ASM Robustness Preserving Fine-tuning using Neuron Importance
Guangrui Li, Rahul Duggal, Aaditya Singh, Kaustav Kundu, Bing Shuai, Jonathan Wu
ECCV, 2024
ASM Generalizable Visual Understanding with Deep Neural Networks
Guangrui Li
Ph.D. Thesis, 2023
ASM Adversarially Masking Synthetic to Mimic Real: Adaptive Noise Injection for Point Cloud Segmentation Adaptation
Guangrui Li, Guoliang Kang, Xiaohan Wang, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang
CVPR, 2023
DGen Decompose to Generalize: Species-Generalized Animal Pose Estimation
Guangrui Li, Yifan Sun, Zongxin Yang, Yi Yang
ICLR, 2023
PDF / bibtex
DCC Domain Consensus Clustering for Universal Domain Adaptation
Guangrui Li, Guoliang Kang, Yi Zhu, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang
CVPR, 2021
PDF / code / bibtex

VSPW: A Large-scale Dataset for Video Scene Parsing in the Wild
Jiaxu Miao, Yunchao Wei, Yu Wu, Chen Liang, Guangrui Li, Yi Yang
CVPR, 2021
PDF/ Project Page / bibtex

CCM Content-Consistent Matching for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
Guangrui Li*, Guoliang Kang*, Wu Liu, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang (* Equal Contribution)
ECCV, 2020
PDF / code / bibtex


Reviewers for: TPAMI, TKDE, TIP, KBS.

Running, Hiking, Swimming.

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