Guangrui Li 李光睿

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student at ReLER Lab, Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, University of Technology Sydney, under the supervision of Prof. Yi Yang. During my Ph.D. study, I am fortunate to be sequentially mentored by Prof. Yunchao Wei, and Dr. Guoliang Kang.

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I will be on job market in this Autumn (spring in SH), drop me an email if any good fit for me!

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[Sep. 2023] Finished Sydney Marathon in 04:22:10

[Aug. 2023] Finished the Iconic City2Surf in 01:18:25.

[June 2023] Deliver PhD oral presentation (Candidate Assessment).

[Mar. 2023] Awarded Google Gift Fund.

[Mar. 2023] One paper accepted by CVPR2023.

[Jan. 2023] One paper accepted by ICLR2023.

[Sep. 2022] Finished Sydney Half Marathon in 01:53:49

[Mar. 2021] Two papers accepted by CVPR2021.

[June 2020] One paper accepted by ECCV2020.

[Sep. 2019] Finished Sydney Marathon in 04:09:24

Research Interests

Generalization of vision structures, including rigid structures (2D, 3D scenes), and non-rigid structures (pose estimation).

Generalization to novel semantic spaces (Open-world Learning).

ASM Generalizable Visual Understanding with Deep Neural Networks
Guangrui Li
Ph.D. Thesis, 2023
ASM Adversarially Masking Synthetic to Mimic Real: Adaptive Noise Injection for Point Cloud Segmentation Adaptation
Guangrui Li, Guoliang Kang, Xiaohan Wang, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang
CVPR, 2023
DGen Decompose to Generalize: Species-Generalized Animal Pose Estimation
Guangrui Li, Yifan Sun, Zongxin Yang, Yi Yang
ICLR, 2023
PDF / bibtex
DCC Domain Consensus Clustering for Universal Domain Adaptation
Guangrui Li, Guoliang Kang, Yi Zhu, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang
CVPR, 2021
PDF / code / bibtex

VSPW: A Large-scale Dataset for Video Scene Parsing in the Wild
Jiaxu Miao, Yunchao Wei, Yu Wu, Chen Liang, Guangrui Li, Yi Yang
CVPR, 2021
PDF/ Project Page / bibtex

CCM Content-Consistent Matching for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
Guangrui Li*, Guoliang Kang*, Wu Liu, Yunchao Wei, Yi Yang (* Equal Contribution)
ECCV, 2020
PDF / code / bibtex


Reviewers for: TPAMI, TKDE, TIP, KBS.

Running, Hiking, Swimming.

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